Notes 0 Notes 1

- Look up a random country

For example, Saint Lucia. Or Yemen, or the Netherlands. Or the Bahamas. Or Saudi-Arabia. Or Saudi-Arabia? O well, do your own research!

- Look at this photo carefully. Then consider if white supremacy was ever real, or whether you should buy a hat. Or something about fashion.
- People in the US have great teeth, and they build great rockets. But when are they going to extinguish the obesity pandemic? I don’t get it.
- Compare the ties in the earlier picture with the great teeth picture and ask yourself again, white supremacy, really? I feel sorry for them. I think they need help.
- A zengskian poem (don’t read this if you’re depressed)
- Another zengskian poem (also depressing... or funny, I guess)
- In this photo the text says: I’m being bullied. Everybody knows it, but nobody helps me. That is the fact. (Do you know that in the UK people are being bullied viciously for having red hair? There are so many questions here, let’s just say, I don’t get it.)
- A language map of China. Just let it sink in.
- Talking about China, from this podcast I learned that (mainly) as a result of rapid urbanisation and after-effects of the one-child policy, China’s population is starting to shrink and age already. In a few decades it is expected to have shrunk to a nation of about 700 million of mostly old people. Economically, that is going to be a puzzle.
- Only at about 1870 was technological progress great enough to get humans out of the Malthusian trap.
- Smiling couple (April 11 2023) by Nathan Rupert. I still don't know what to think. Instead, I just look.