Random country in the Caribbean: Bahamas

My random country script gave me The Bahamas. For an island nation, a huge population of est. 400,000 people, but only a density of 39/km²?

An error in the source? No, fits with the 10,010 km² of land. But wait, I seem to recall that some islands consist of mangroves, where not many people can live. Most people seem to live on New Providence (Wikipedia) (about 274,420 in 2016) and the population density there is 1,325.6/km². That’s three times the density of The Netherlands (with 423/km² often cited as densely populated).

New York City has a density of 11,313/km², Singapore has a mere 7,804/km², Ireland (a bigger island, wasn’t it overpopulated at one time?) has only 77.8/km² Australia has 3.4/km², Surinam has 2.9/km², Brazil 25/km², the whole of the United States 33.6/km².

Who’s to say what is a reasonable population density. Well, NY doesn’t count, it can’t exist outside of the US proper. Singapore? Still connected with the area around it I think. The city where I live has 5,701/km², that’s much higher than New Providence, and even though there are no skyscrapers here, already half the population density of NY?

It doesn’t feel crowed where I live. The (supporting) area around my city has 1,383/km² - that’s the about the same as New Providence! So, I suppose New Providence is not extreme? How does it look? Actually the urban part looks like a North-American suburb (photo) with many more trees than my city has.